Listed capacities refer to the amount of people, on average, using the unit per day. Do not pick a unit that is below your capacity.

Residential or Continuous (Adults/Families) 4 adults or families of 6
Seasonal or Vacation (Adults/Families) 6 adults or families of 8
Unit must be plugged in for proper operation.
Maximum Amps (With Heater On) 3.5
Fan Watts (Required or Optional Hookup) 30 Req.
Heater Watts (When Thermostat switches it on) 370
Average Power Use in Watts (Heater on 1/2 time) 215
Vent & Drains
Vent Pipe 2" Central Vacuum Tubing (PVC Thinwall)
Drains (Required or Optional Hookup) 1" Opt.
Weights (Lbs.) & Dimensions
Product Height/Width/Depth 27 1/2" by 44 3/4" by 26 1/2"
Product Weight/Shipping Weight 103/124
Shipping Carton Dimensions (W by L by H) 28 1/2 " by 46 1/2" by 36"
Depth Required to Remove Drawer 44 1/2 "
Height to Top of Waste Inlet 34"
Waste Inlet Diameter (Including Flange) 10 3/4"
Rough-In Dimensions
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