Seven Basic Needs For Food Storage

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Seven Basic Needs For Food Storage

#1 - Water, more important than food. Most humans can survive only 5 to 7 days without water. It is critical that you store enough water for every family member to have a two week supply. That would equal 7 gallons per person, to be used only for drinking. A gallon of water per day per person is recommended. A years supply, that's a lot.

#2 - Grains, the basic building blocks of daily nutrition. Grains contain complex carbohydrates and protein. These include wheat, pastas, rice, barley and oats. One adult requires about 150 lbs. of wheat and 125 lbs. of other grains/ year.

#3 - Beans, a superior source of protein. Can be used in their natural form or ground into flour for breads and thickeners. Also a great meat substitute. One adult needs about 60 lbs. for one year.

#4 - Milk, essential for children. Contains needed calcium. Much improved the last few years. Also include cheese, eggs, and other dairy products. Each adult needs about 60 lbs. of milk (children need MORE) and 10 lbs. of other dairy products/year.

#5 - Salt, a preserver and more. Use to add flavor to food and prevent appetite fatigue (where a person would rather not eat than to eat the same stuff over and over). Also helps with fluid retention and thyroid problems. Need 10 lbs./adult.

#6 - Sugar/Honey, for baking and stress relief. Honey will store much longer without going bad and is very easy to digest. Need 60 lbs./adult.

#7 - Oil, needed for cooking and a body lubricant, especially for the skin. Can be in liquid form; Canola and olive oil store the best, or in powder form like butter, margarine or shortening. Need 2 gal./adult.