Fire Starters

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Fire Starters

For all you campers who are environmentally conscious, here are
instructions for the ugliest, but the absolute best fire starters.

Scrap wax, paper egg carton, sawdust or dryer lint, and the usual candle making supplies. Paper cups may be substituted for the egg carton if you wish a nicer look.

Step 1fire1.jpg (10412 bytes)
Accumulate scrap wax. This can be leftovers from candle projects, or remains of burnt candles. Place in a double boiler and melt to 180 degrees F.




Step 2fire2.jpg (7378 bytes)
Fill sections of egg carton halfway with sawdust. Place carton on a pan or wax resistant surface - some wax will almost always seep through the carton. Although these can be made without sawdust, it greatly increases the burning time.


Step 3fire3.jpg (6737 bytes)
Fill cups with saw dust or dryer lint.




Step 4

Pour melted wax into egg carton slowly. Allow to cool.

Step 5

The finished fire starters.  The finished fire starters may be broken off for individual use as needed. To use just light the edge.  Told you they were ugly!!