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Preserving Food Safely - 01600008


  Harvest onion  family crops when the tops have died or  in
the late fall before the ground freezes.   Allow the  plants
to dry for several weeks before storage. Spread them out  on
on an open screen off the ground.                           

  Do not try to store bruised or thick-necked bulbs. Storage
should be in a dry, well-ventilated area with a  temperature
near 32  degrees Fahrenheit.  Place the bulbs in  mesh bags,
fill  bags half full, and  hang  them from overhead hooks in
the storage area or place them in  open slatted  crates,    
half  full, and stack crates on cross bars.                 

  Slight  freezing will not be harmful if the bulbs are  not
handled  while  they are frozen. When stored  properly,  the
onion family bulbs should keep through the winter.          

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