Canning Beets

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Canning Beets

GUIDE 4:9-10                                                
BEETS--WHOLE, CUBED, OR SLICED                              

QUANTITY:  An average of 21 pounds (without tops) is        
needed per canner load of 7 quarts; an average of 13-1/2    
pounds is needed per canner load of 9 pints.  A bushel      
(without tops) weighs 52 pounds and yields 15 to 20         
quarts -- an average of 3 pounds per quart.                 

QUALITY:  Beets with a diameter of 1 to 2 inches are        
preferred for whole packs. Beets larger than 3 inches in    
diameter are often fibrous.                                 

PROCEDURE:  Trim off beet tops, leaving an inch of stem     
and roots to reduce bleeding of color. Scrub well.          
Cover with boiling water.  Boil until skins slip off        
easily; about 15 to 25 minutes depending on size. Cool,     
remove skins, and trim off stems and roots. Leave baby      
beets whole. Cut medium or large beets into 1/2-inch        
cubes or slices. Halve or quarter very large slices.        

Add 1 teaspoon of salt per quart to the jar, if desired.    
Fill jars with hot beets and fresh hot water, leaving 1-    
inch headspace.  Adjust lids and process.                   

Recommended process time for BEETS in a dial-gauge          
pressure canner.                                            
                    Canner Gauge Pressure (PSI) at          
                          Altitudes of                      

Style    Jar    Process  0-      2,001-   4,001-  6,001-    
of Pack  Size   Time    2,000ft  4,000ft  6,000ft 8,000ft   

Hot     Pints   30 min   11 lb   12 lb    13 lb   14 lb     
       Quarts   35       11      12       13      14        

Recommended process time for BEETS in a weighted-gauge      
pressure canner.                                            
                     Canner Gauge Pressure (PSI)            
                          at Altitudes of                   

Style    Jar     Process     0-           Above             
of Pack  Size    Time        1,000 ft     1,000 ft          

Hot     Pints    30 min      10 lb        15 lb             
       Quarts    35          10           15                

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