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Preserving Food Safely - 01600161


  Harvest  pumpkins after the rind is hard enough to  resist
puncturing  by  a thumbnail.  Cool  weather  increases sugar
content  and storage life.  Avoid bruising and harvest  with
the stem on.                                                

  Storage should  be done  after  pumpkins have been  cured.
Curing is done for 10 to 14 days at temperatures between  80
and  85 degrees Fahrenheit.  If no other area  is available,
curing  may  be  done  near  furnace.  After  curing,  store
pumpkins at  50  to  55  degrees  Fahrenheit  and 70  to  75
percent humidity.  Cured  pumpkins  will  keep  to  2  to  3
months.  Chill  injury   occurs at temperatures less than 50
degrees Fahrenheit.                                         

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