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  Whole,  halves  or quarters.  Frozen plums and prunes  are
very  good  for  use  in pies and jams,  or  in  salads  and
desserts.  The unsweetened pack is preferred for plums to be
used for jams.                                              

  Choose  firm tree-ripened fruit of deep color.   Sort  and
wash.   Leave whole or cut in halves or quarters.   Pack  in
one of the following ways:                                  

  Unsweetened  pack                                         
  Pack  whole  fruit  into   containers,  leaving  1/2  inch
  headspace.  Seal, label and freeze.                       

  Syrup pack                                                
  Pack cut fruit into  containers.  Cover  fruit  with  cold
  50-percent  syrup (1  cup  sugar  to  1  cup  water).  For
  improved quality,  add  1/2 teaspoon  ascorbic  acid to  a
  quart of syrup.  Leave  1/2  inch headspace.   Seal, label
  and freeze.                                               

  Select fully ripe fruit.  Wash, cut  in halves  and remove
pits.  Puree may be prepared from unheated or  heated fruit,
depending on the softness of the fruit.                     
  To  prepare  puree from unheated fruit,  press  raw  fruit
through  a  sieve.   For  better  quality,  add  either  1/4
teaspoon ascorbic acid or 1/2 tablespoon citric acid to each
quart (2 pounds) of puree.                                  
  To  prepare puree from heated fruit, add 1 cup  water  for
each 4 quarts (4 pounds) of fruit.  Bring to a boil, cook  2
minutes, cool, and press through a sieve.                   
  With each quart (2 pounds) of puree,  mix  1/2  to  1  cup
sugar,   depending   on   tartness   of  fruit.   Pack  into
containers,  leaving  1/2-inch  headspace.  Seal, label  and
  For juice to be served in beverages, select  plums  as for
puree.  For juice to  be used  for  jelly  making, select as
recommended  in  specific  jelly  recipe.  Wash plums,  then
simmer  until soft in enough water to barely cover.   Strain
through a jelly bag.  Cool.                                 
  If desired, sweeten with 1 to 2 cups sugar for each  quart
of  juice,  depending  on  tartness  of  fruit.   Pour  into
containers, leaving 1/2  inch  headspace.  Seal,  label  and

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