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Preserving Food Safely - 01600480


  1.  Slice 5 pounds lean beef (flank steak or similar  cut)
into  strips 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick, 1 to 1 1/2 inches  wide,
and  4 to 12 inches long.  Cut with the grain of  the  meat;
remove the fat.                                             

  2. Lay meat  out  in a  single layer  on  a  smooth  clean
surface (use cutting board, counter, bread board or   cookie

  3.  If smoke flavor is desired, brush each strip  of  meat
with  1/2  teaspoon  liquid smoke in  2  tablespoons  water.
Sprinkle  strips  liberally  with salt on  both  sides.  Add
pepper to taste and garlic salt or powder if desired.       

  4. Place strips, layer on layer, in a large wooden bowl or
crock and place a plate with a weight on top.               

  5. Let  stand  refrigerated  for  6  to  12  hours.   Stir

  6. Remove strips and blot dry with clean paper toweling.  

Oven Drying:                                                
  Remove racks from the oven and stretch meat strips  across
the racks.  Allow the edges of the meat strips to touch, but
not overlap.   Leave enough  space free on the racks for air
to circulate in the oven.                                   

  Set  the temperature at  140  degrees  Fahrenheit and  let
strips  dry for  about 11 hours.  Check early in  the drying
process  for  excessive  drip.  This  drip  can be caught on
aluminum foil on a rack placed near the  bottom of the oven.
Lower the  temperature  of the oven until it feels warm, but
does not cook the meat.                                     

  Keeping the oven door ajar will facilitate drying, as will
the use of an electric fan placed in front of the open  oven

Dehydrator Drying:                                          
  Place  sheets  or  trays  in  the  dehydrator.   Set   the
temperature control at 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  Dry for 4 to
5 hours and test for dryness.  Jerky is ready when the dried
meat is dark in color, fibrous and bends without breaking.  

  Finished  jerky can be stored at room temperature  in  air
tight containers.  Freeze for long term storage.            

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