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  Freezing   is  not  necessarily  the  preferred  way   for
preserving all vegetable and fruit products.  What to freeze
is  determined on the basis of family needs and desires,  on
freezer  space  and cost of freezer storage,  and  on  other
storage facilities available.                               

  It  may  be more economical, for instance, to  store  some
fruits  and vegetables in a vegetable cellar than to  freeze
them.  Freezing  may be  worth  the  extra  cost because  of
the convenience of having  products  prepared so they can be
readied quickly for serving.                                

  Costs of owning and operating a home freezer vary with the
electricity used, costs of packaging materials, repairs  and
the original price of  the freezer.                         

  Some  varieties  of  fruits and vegetables  freeze  better
than  others.   Because  growing  conditions  differ  widely
throughout the country and different varieties of fruits and
vegetables are available  in different  localities.  Contact
the  Extension office  for  information  on local  varieties
that  give  highest   quality   when   frozen.  Fruits   and
vegetables  that do not  make   satisfactory products   when
frozen  include  green  onions,   lettuce  and other   salad
greens, radishes and tomatoes (except as juice or cooked).  

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