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Preserving Food Safely - 01600507


  Pack   food  and  syrup  cold  into  containers.    Having
materials  decrease freezing time  and helps retain  natural
color, flavor and texture of food.                          

  When food is packed in bags, press air out of the unfilled
part  of the bag.  Press firmly to prevent air from  getting
back in.  Seal immediately.                                 

  Allow  ample   headspace.  With  only  a  few  exceptions,
allowance  for headspace  is needed between packed food  and
closure  because  food  expands  as  it   freezes.    Follow
directions  given  in the recipe for appropriate  amount  of
headspace needed for a given fruit or vegetable.            

  Keep  sealing edges free from moisture or food so  that  a
good closure can be made.  Seal carefully.                  

  Label packages plainly.  Include name of food, date it was
packed, and type of pack if food is packed in more than  one

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