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Preserving Food Safely - 01600508


  Freeze  fruits and vegetables as soon as they are packaged
and sealed.  Freeze at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or below.       

  Put  no more unfrozen food into a home freezer  than  will
freeze  within 24 hours.  Usually this will be about 2 or  3
pounds  of  food  to  each  cubic  foot  of  its   capacity.
Overloading slows down the rate of freezing, and foods  that
freeze    too  slowly  may  lose  quality.    For   quickest
freezing,  place packages against freezing plates  or  coils
and  leave  a  little  space between  packages  so  air  can
circulate freely.                                           

  After  freezing,  packages may be stored  close  together.
Store them at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or  below.    At   higher
temperatures,  foods lose quality much faster.  Most  fruits
and vegetables maintain high quality for 8 to 12 months at 0
or  below;  citrus  fruits and citrus juices,  for  4  to  6
months.   Unsweetened fruits lose quality faster than  those
packed  in  sugar or syrup.  Longer storage  will  not  make
foods unfit for use, but may impair quality.                

  It's  a good idea to post a list of frozen foods near  the
freezer and keep it up to date.  List foods as you put  them
in  freezer, with date; check foods off list as  you  remove

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