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  Most fruits can be frozen satisfactorily, but the  quality
of  the  frozen product will vary with the  kind  of  fruit,
stage of maturity and type of pack.                         

  Generally,  most  flavors  are   retained   by   freezing.
Texture  may be  somewhat  softer than  that of fresh fruit.
Some fruits require special  treatment when  packed to  make
them  more  pleasing  in  color,  texture  or  flavor  after
thawing.    Most   fruits   are   best   frozen  soon  after
harvesting.  Some, such as peaches  and  pears,  may need to
be held a  short  time  to ripen.                           

  Wash  all  fruits  in  cold  water  before   packing.    A
perforated  or wire basket is useful for this task.   Wash a
small quantity at a time to save undue handling,  which  may
bruise delicate fruits  such as  berries.  Do not let  fruit
stand in the  water.                                        

  In general, fruit is prepared for freezing in the same way
as  for  serving.  Large  fruits  generally  make  a  better
product  if cut  in pieces or crushed before  freezing. Many
fruits can be frozen successfully in several forms.         

  Peel, trim, pit  and  slice  fruit.  Prepare enough  fruit
for two or three quarts at one time, especially those fruits
that darken rapidly.                                        

  If directions call for fruit to be crushed,  select one of
the following methods for crushing fruit.  Crush soft fruits
with a wire potato masher, pastry fork  or slotted spoon; if
fruits are firm,  crush  with a  food chopper.   For  making
purees, a colander, food press or strainer is useful.       

  Use  equipment  of earthenware,  enameled  ware, glass  or
stainless steel.                                            

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