Michigan State University Extension
Preserving Food Safely - 01600530


  NOTE:   Sulfuring  does  NOT prevent insect  infestations,
pack dried sulfur treated product  immediately  just  as you
would unsulfured fruit.                                     

  Do not store sulfur treated fruit in containers with metal
lids unless a  cellophane  or polyethylene  sheet is  placed
under the lid.  Sulfur fumes  from the fruit will react with
unprotected metal.                                          

  Store fruit in dry,  insect-proof containers such as home 
canning jars  with well-fitting  lids.   Coffee cans may be 
used  if the dried  fruits  are  first placed  in a plastic 
bag.  Fruits  should   be  packed  into  the  container  as 
tightly  as possible  without crushing.   Storing fruits in 
tightly sealed,  plastic bags  will  help keep the original 
fruit color.                                                

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