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Preserving Food Safely - 01600541


  A large kettle is essential when making jams and  jellies.
To  bring the jelly mixture to a full  boil without  boiling
over, use an 8 or 10 quart kettle with a broad, flat bottom.

  A  jelly  bag or fruit press may be  used  for  extracting
fruit  juice  for jellies. The bag may be  made  of  several
thicknesses  of  closely  woven  cheesecloth  or  of   firm,
unbleached muslin. Use a jelly bag or cheesecloth to  strain
pressed  juice. A special stand or  colander will  hold  the
jelly  bag.   Jelly  bags  or  cloths should  be  damp  when
extracting juice.                                           

  A   jelly,  candy or deep-fat thermometer helps  determine
doneness when  making fruit products without added pectin.  

  Other  kitchen equipment that might be useful  includes  a
quart measure, measuring cup and spoons, paring and  utility
knives,  food chopper, masher, reamer, grater,  bowls,  wire
basket,  colander,  long-handled spoon,  ladle,  clock  with
second hand and household scale.                            

  A boiling  water bath canner  will  be  needed  to process
seal jellied fruit  products.                               

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