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Preserving Food Safely - 01600543


  JELLY:  is made from strained fruit juice. The product  is
clear  and firm enough to hold its shape when turned out  of
the container, yet soft enough to spread.                   

  BUTTERS:  are made by cooking fruit pulp and  sugar  until
thick enough to spread easily. Spices are added depending on
personal  taste. The butter needs to be cooked slowly  after
the  sugar is added to prevent scorching.  Finer butters can
be made by straining  the pulp through  a food mill and then
through a  fine-meshed sieve.                               

  JAM:  is  made from crushed or ground fruit and  tends  to
hold  its shape but is generally less firm than jelly.  Jams
are  cooked until they round up in a spoon. They  should  be
made  in  small batches and cooked rapidly until  the  sugar

  CONSERVES: are jams made from a mixture of fruits, usually
including  citrus fruit; often raisins and nuts  are  added.
Conserves  are cooked until the mixture will  round up  in a
spoon.   They   should  be made in small batches and  cooked

  MARMALADE: is a tender jelly with small pieces of fruit or
peel  distributed evenly throughout. It should be cooked  in
small  batches  and brought quickly to  the  jellying  point
after  the  sugar is added.  A marmalade  commonly  contains
citrus   fruit;   part of the white rind should  be   cooked
with the fruit for most of the pectin is found there.       

  PRESERVES: are whole fruits or large pieces of fruit in  a
thick  syrup,  often slightly jellied. Preserves  should  be
cooked in small batches in wide pans. If the syrup gets  too
thick  before  the fruit is tender and  clear,  add  boiling
water. If the fruit is clear and tender but the syrup is too
thin,  remove the fruit and cook the syrup  rapidly  to  the
desired consistency.                                        

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