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  Butters can be made from most fruits or fruit mixes. Apple
is  the most common butter, but apricot,  crabapple,  grape,
peach, pear and plum also make good butters.                

  The fruit is prepared similarly to preserve fruit, but the
soft  fruits  should be mashed and the hard  ones  diced  or
chopped.  Add  water  to cook the fruit soft  enough  to  be
pressed through a food mill or sieve to make smooth  butter-

  Use  3/4 cup of sugar to 1 cup of fruit pulp for  butters.
Do  not make a single  batch larger than four cups  of  pulp
plus added sugar.  Stir constantly when heating; the mixture
will  stick  easily. A heavy pan will work better  for  this
than a light, thin one. Dissolve the sugar on low heat  then
bring the mixture to a rapid boil and cook until thick.     

  Skim  off any foam from the top of the pot and  then  pour
the mixture into jars.  Process butter in  a  boiling  water
bath canner.                                                

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