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  Pickled  vegetables  or  fruits  are  preserved  by  acid.
Because  pickles  are  high  in acid,  they  may  be  safely
processed in a water bath canner.                           

  Pickle  flavors reach their peak after 6 or more weeks  in
the  jar.   In fresh-pack pickles, acetic acid is  added  to
vegetables  or fruits in the form of vinegar.   Examples  of
fresh-pack  pickle  products are  fresh-pack  dill  pickles,
pickled zucchini, watermelon pickles and corn relish.       

  Fermented  pickles, also known as brine  pickles,  contain
lactic  acid produced by bacterial fermentation.   They  are
submerged  in  a brine solution to ferment for  about  three
weeks.   Brine  dill pickles, deli-style dill  pickles   and
sauerkraut are all fermented pickle products.               

  Fruit  pickles are usually prepared from whole fruits  and
simmered  in a spicy, sweet-sour syrup.  They are bright  in
color,  of uniform size, and tender and firm  without  being
watery.  Pears and watermelon rind are prepared this way.   

  Relishes are prepared from fruits and vegetables which are
chopped,  seasoned and then cooked to  desired  consistency.
Bright  color  and  uniformity in size  of  pieces  make  an
attractive product.                                         

  Relishes  accent the flavors of other foods.  They may  be
quite  hot and spicy.  Relishes include  piccalilli,  pepper
onion,    tomato-apple   chutney,    tomato-pear    chutney,
horseradish, corn relish and chili sauce.                   

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