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Preserving Food Safely - 01600556


     Select  fresh,  firm  fruits  or  vegetables  free   of
spoilage.   Measure or weigh amounts carefully, because  the
proportion  of fresh food to other ingredients  will  affect
flavor and safety.                                          

     Use canning or pickling salt.  Noncaking material added
to other salts may make the brine cloudy.  Since flake  salt
varies in density, it is not recommended for making  pickled
and fermented foods.  White granulated and brown sugars  are
most often used.  Corn syrup and honey, unless called for in
reliable  recipes, may produce undesirable  flavors.   White
distilled and cider vinegars of 5 percent acidity (50 grain)
are  recommended.  White vinegar is usually  preferred  when
light  color  is desirable, as is the case with  fruits  and

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