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Preserving Food Safely - 01600567


  To "desalt" pickles,  cover  cucumbers with hot water  (at
least three  times  as much water as  cucumbers).  Let stand
about  four  hours,  ideally  in  the   refrigerator.   Stir
occasionally.  Lift cucumbers out of the water; pour out the
water; rinse the container.                                 

  Repeat two more times.                                    

  Prick  cucumbers a  number of  times in  several places to
prevent shriveling.   Use a silver or stainless  steel fork.

   Let stand in a weak  vinegar solution  (1 part water to 3
parts cider vinegar for 12 hours.                           

   If not  enough  salt has  been removed  (taste test), let
pickles stand 12 hours longer.                              

   Place the  desalted cucumbers  in fresh pickling solution
(without salt) and  store  in the refrigerator.  Note, while
a fair amount of salt will  be removed during desalting, all
the salt will not be removed.                               

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