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     Fish can be cooked successfully  without  thawing first
by allowing  additional cooking time.   Approximately double
the  time  in a  recipe is needed to fully cook frozen fish.
If a recipe calls for breading,  stuffing or broiling thawed
fish works the best.                                        

     Thaw fish in its original wrappings in the refrigerator
or  under cold running water.   Never allow fish to thaw  at
room temperature.   Thaw fish only until it has just  become
pliable.  It may still have some ice crystals in it.        

     Free  fish  frozen in ice blocks by running cold  water
over the block.  When the fish is free of ice, remove it and
wipe dry.  Cook at once.                                    

     If thawed fish is required,  remove fish when freed  of
ice  and let stand in clean,  cold water until just  thawed.
Drain,  wipe  dry and cook at once.   To avoid the  leaching
effect  of the water,  remove the fish when free of ice  and
cover  with aluminum foil or food wrap and finish thawing in
the refrigerator.  Cook at once.                            

     Thawing times  vary  with the size  and  shape  of  the
package and with a temperature.  Typically,  a pound of fish
requires 6 to 8 hours to thaw in the  refrigerator or 1 to 2
hours to thaw under cold water.                             

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