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FISH EXCEPT TUNA                                            

     Eviscerate  fish within 2 hours after they are  caught.
Keep  cleaned  fish on ice until ready to  can.             

     NOTE:    Glass-like  crystals  of  magnesium   ammonium
phosphate sometimes form in canned salmon.  There is no  way
for the home canner to prevent these crystals from  forming,
but  they usually dissolve when heated and are safe to  eat.

     PROCEDURE:  Remove head, tail, fins and  scales.   Wash
and  remove all blood.  Split fish lengthwise,  if  desired.
Cut  cleaned fish into  3-1/2-inch lengths.  Fill hot,  pint
jars,  skin  side next to  glass,  leaving 1-inch headspace.
Add  1 teaspoon  of salt  per pint, if  desired.  Do not add
liquids. Adjust lids and process.                           

             RECOMMENDED PROCESS TIMES FOR FISH             
              IN A DIAL-GAUGE PRESSURE CANNER               

                      Canner Pressure (PSI) at Altitudes of 
of     Jar   Process  0-        2001-     4001-     6001-   
Pack   Size  Time     2000 ft.  4000 ft.  6000 ft.  8000 ft.

Raw    Pints 100 min. 11 lb.    12 lb.    13 lb.    14 lb.  

             RECOMMENDED PROCESS TIMES FOR FISH             
              IN A WEIGHTED-GAUGE PRESSURE CANNER           

                       Pressure (PSI) at Altitudes of       
of     Jar    Process     0-                   Above        
Pack   Size   Time        1000 ft.             1001 ft.     

Raw    Pints  100 min.    10 lb.               15 lb.       

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