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     A number of simple serviceable smokehouses can be built
at home.  Similar procedures are used with most smokehouses.
Follow manufacturer's instructions   for commercially  built

     Place  fish in the smokehouse.   Clear all  combustible
material  from around and under the smoking  area.   Form  a
small bed of coals on the hot plate for a small fire.   Take
care to keep it  from flaring up.   Cover the coals with dry
hardwood chips.  Use only hardwoods, because softwoods, moss
and  leaves  may leave  unpleasant  tastes  in the fish.  To
prevent  chips  from  flaming,  lightly  dampen  chips  with
water.   Add  chips  as  needed  to   keep  the  smoke dense
throughout  the  process, and regulate   draft  by the vents
or by raising  or  lowering the lid or side of the chamber. 

     Cold  smoke  (90  to 100 degrees  Fahrenheit) for 2  to
3 hours, then gradually add hot coals to the smoker to raise
the temperature of the smokehouse to 225 degrees Fahrenheit.
Maintain  this temperature  until  the  internal temperature
of the fish reaches 180 degrees Fahrenheit which should take
3 or 4 hours.   Hold  the fish at the 180 degrees Fahrenheit
flesh temperature for 30 minutes.  Insert a thermometer into
the thickest part of the  fish to  be  sure  all  the  flesh
reaches this  temperature.   Whole  fish  also  need  to  be
smoked and cooked thoroughly.   The total  time required may
be as much as 12 hours for whole fish.                      

     When  smoking is completed,  remove the fish and  allow
them  to cool.   Keep fish protected from dust and  insects;
then wrap in waxed paper or plastic wrap,  and  refrigerate.
Use smoked fish within 14 days.                             

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