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Preserving Food Safely - 01600583


     Fill a dish pan or shallow box with dry salt.  Sprinkle
a thin layer of salt on the bottom of the brining container.
Dredge  each  piece of fish in salt,  then  place  skin-side
down  in  the  container.   Place  large   pieces  with  the
backbone next to the container  wall.   An extra  piece  may
be placed in the middle to level each  layer. Overlap pieces
as little as possible.                                      

     Pack  small fish in a ring with tips of heads  touching
container walls.  You may need to put one or two fish across
the  center to keep   the layer level.   Stagger  successive
layers  so  that each  fish rests on two fish in  the  layer

     Scatter  a thin coat of salt between each layer.   Pack
the top layer of fish,  both large and small  pieces,  skin-
side  up.   The amount of salt used depends on the season of
year,  fish size  and  length  of  preservation  desired.  A
general rule is to use one part salt to three parts fish.   

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