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     Delicatessen-style  dill  pickles are not subjected  to
any  kind  of heat treatment.   They are  prized  for  their
crispness  but  must  be stored in  the  refrigerator.   The
following  recipe for deli-style dills contains no  vinegar;
some  lactic acid is produced during the brief  fermentation
               HALF DILLS                                   

     1/2 bushel small pickling cucumbers                    
     1/2 bunch dill                                         
     3 gallons water                                        
     2 cups pickling salt                                   
     5 garlic cloves, sliced                                
     3/4 cup mixed pickling spices                          

     Wash  cucumbers.   Remove  blossom  ends  carefully  to
remove soil.  Place cucumbers in  large crocks.   Distribute
the dill heads evenly.  Make a brine of the remaining  items
and  add  to  the  cucumbers. Cover with  a heavy  plate and
weight  down with a glass jar filled with water.            

     Store at moderate room temperature  (70  to 75  degrees
Fahrenheit).   If scum  forms, remove it daily.  Pickles may
be eaten after third day but well done pickles need a 1-week
fermentation.  After 1 week, pack  the  pickles  into  clean
jars  and refrigerate  to halt fermentation.   These pickles
must be kept in the refrigerator.                           

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