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     Ingredients  for  making homemade sausage  are  readily
available  in  most  areas from  retail  stores  and  locker
plants.   The recipes can be used for deer,  elk,  antelope,
moose   or  other  wild meat which has been trimmed of  fat.
Meat  from  domestic sources can be used as  well  but  some
reduction  in the amount of fat in the recipes is needed  if
the beef, pork or lamb contains fat.                        

     Any  lean meat from any part of the carcass can be used
for sausage.  Most often meat from the back and hind legs is
saved for roasts and steaks and boneless, fat-free lean from
other  areas  of the carcass utilized for  sausage.   It  is
recommended  that the lean be removed from the  carcass  and
made  into  sausage as soon as possible (the day  after  the
kill is best) to prevent unnecessary bacterial growth.  Meat
which has been frozen and thawed can also be used.          

    Freeze  clean,  edible  trimmings immediately after they
are removed from the carcass.   The trimmings can be  ground
and  fat added when they are thawed.   Regardless of whether
fresh  lean  trimmings or thawed lean  trimmings  are  used,
speed  in sausage preparation is a must to prevent bacterial
growth.   Bacterial  growth on game meat causes soured  meat
which is unacceptable as a sausage ingredient.              

     The   quality   of  the  sausage  produced   is   often
proportional  to  the length of time fresh  trimmings  stand
before they are used.  Game meat trimmings should be removed
from the carcass free of fat,  hair,  bloodshot   and  dirt.
They  should  be  chilled  at 30 degrees Fahrenheit and made
into sausage or frozen immediately.                         

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