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Preserving Food Safely - 01600619


     19 lb. lean meat                                       
     6 lb. pork or beef fat                                 
     1 cup salt                                             
     1/2 cup sugar                                          
     1 qt. cold water                                       
     5 1/4 cups nonfat dried milk                           
     6 tablespoons ground black pepper                      
     3 tablespoons garlic powder                            
     3 tablespoons coriander seed                           
     4 teaspoons ground mace                                
     4 teaspoons ground cardamon                            
     2 tablespoons cure                                     

     Cut  the  meat  and fat into 1-inch  squares  or  grind
through  a  coarse  (1/2  to  1-inch)  plate.    Season   by
sprinkling  the  ingredients  over the meat  and  hand  mix.
Grind  through  a 1/8-inch plate.   Mix 6 minutes and  stuff
into  natural  or  artificial  casings  2  to  3  inches  in
diameter.  Place in a smokehouse  and heat  at  185  degrees
Fahrenheit until  the  internal  sausage temperature reaches
152 degrees Fahrenheit.   Move to a  cold water  bath  until
the  internal  temperature  reaches  100 degrees Fahrenheit.
Rinse  briefly  with  hot water to remove  grease  and  hang
sausage  at  room   temperature  for  about  1  hour  before
refrigeration.   The salami should be cooled overnight in  a
refrigerator before cutting.                                

     Salami  can  be  roasted in  casings  in  a 185 degrees
Fahrenheit oven if  a smokehouse is not available.  Four  to
eight ounces of liquid smoke per 100 lb. of product  can  be
added for flavor. Follow the above chilling procedures.     

     Another alternative is to roast salami without casings.
The   above  ingredients  must  be  mixed  and  left  in   a
refrigerator to chill overnight.  The next morning, hand mix
the  ingredients  again  and form rolls 2  to  3  inches  in
diameter and 10 inches long.   Liquid smoke can be diluted 1
part  to  5  parts water and sprinkled over  the  roasts  if
desired.   Then  place the rolls on a broiler rack with 1/2-
inch  water in the pan underneath and bake  in a 160 degrees
Fahrenheit oven for  2 hours,  then  185  degrees Fahrenheit
until internal temperature reaches 152  degrees  Fahrenheit.
Cool in  cold water  until internal  temperature reaches 100
degrees  Fahrenheit  and  then  refrigerate overnight before

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