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     Winter  squashes  all freeze well,  but they  may  lose
their  original texture.   Summer squash is best suited  for
soup after it's been frozen, but freezing is the only way to
keep  it  for  any length of time.   To freeze  pumpkin  and
other  winter  squashes,   wash,   halve  and  remove seeds.
Leave  squash  in  halves  or  peel  and cube it.  To make a
puree,  bake the pumpkin and winter squash  halves  in a 350
degrees Fahrenheit  oven  until  soft.   (Steaming  is  also
possible but will make a wetter puree).  Scrape the meat out
of  the  shells  and  mash  thoroughly or run through a food
mill.   If preparing  cubes,  peel and steam the cubes until
soft.   Leave cubes  whole or run  a food mill or processor.
Pack into containers.  Seal, label and freeze.              

     To freeze  zucchini and other  kinds of  summer squash,
cut in half, remove seeds, if necessary, and cut into cubes.
Steam blanch the cubes for two to three minutes.  Drain well
and pack the cubes in containers,  or mash them or turn them
through a food mill before packing.  Seal, label and freeze.

     If  you  grate zucchini with the skin on it  will  stay
crunchy when frozen without blanching.   Use the side of the
grater with the largest holes,  or use a food processor with
a coarse shredding plate.  When you thaw the zucchini, drain
it  and  save  the juice to use in soups  and  breads.   Add
shredded  zucchini  to quick breads,  omelets  or  spaghetti
sauce  or  layered in lasagna,  where it will  provide  some
flavor but mainly texture.                                  

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