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Preserving Food Safely - 01600663


     To  shell chestnuts,  make two crosscut gashes on their
flat side with a sharp pointed knife.   The outer shell  may
come  off  when you do this,  but the inner skin will  still
protect  the  kernel.   To remove both the inner  and  outer
coverings,  place the nuts in a pan over high heat, dropping
oil  or  butter over them - 1 teaspoon to 1 pound  of  nuts.
Shake them until coated,  then place moderate oven until the
shells  and inner brown skin can be  easily  removed.   This
brown  inside  skin is bitter and must be peeled  off  while
still warm.                                                 


     Cut a cross on flat sides of nuts.  Spread in a shallow
pan;  add  1/4 cup water.   Bake at 450  degrees  Fahrenheit
for 15 minutes  or until  shells open.  With  a sharp knife,
peel while hot.  The inner  brown skin is bitter and must be
removed while warm.                                         

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