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Preserving Food Safely - 01600665


    Light,  heat  and  moisture  facilitate enzymes  in nuts
and seeds causing rancidity.  This  makes  it  inappropriate
to keep nuts for a long time in open bowls, clear glass jars
or on sunny counter tops.                                   

     Any  nuts  or seeds kept for longer than a month should
be  stored in the freezer.  Freeze  chopped, ground,  whole,
roasted or spiced  nuts in the shell or even in  an unopened
can.   Nuts  that  are  salted  or  spiced  have   a freezer
storage life  of  six  months,  about  half  the  time  that
plain  nut meats can be  stored  in the  freezer. Seeds also
freeze  for  six  months.   Toasting  and  roasting diminish
freezer  storage life,  and are best done when  the nuts and
seeds come out of the freezer, rather than  before freezing;
unless you intend to  freeze  them  for  only  a few months.
Unless freezer  space  is limited, it's best  to freeze nuts
in their shells,  and  crack them as needed.   Use nuts  and
seeds directly  from the freezer, without thawing first.    

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