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     Celeriac  is  not one of our more  popular  vegetables,
perhaps  because it resembles an unwashed horseradish  root.
Yet  beneath  its unattractive,  unglamorous  shell  lies  a
flavorful,  crisp, cream-colored, smooth-textured flesh that
tastes  like celery.   Celeriac  can  be  used  raw in fresh
salads  or  as  a  cooked  vegetable  and  is  an  important
ingredient in soups.   Celeriac is  very popular in northern
Europe.  Here at home, fresh  celeriac  is  available  every
month but June  and July.                                   

     When harvested, celeriac looks like coarse green celery
attached  to a rough-looking bulbous root.   In late  summer
and  early fall it comes to market usually tied in   bunches
that  have  three  knobs  and  with  the  celery-like greens
attached.   The  greens are too coarse to use raw   as table
celery,  but if they are fresh and have not begun to yellow,
they  make a fine soup green.   After the first  frost,  the
celeriac is shipped to market minus the greens and sold as a
root vegetable by the pound.                                

     Select  firm medium-sized knobs;  small ones  have  too
much  waste when peeled and large knobs are apt to be hollow
or woody.   Pressure on any darker areas   of the skin  will
expose  decay  that otherwise might be hidden by  the  rough

      When served raw,  the exposed flesh tends to discolor.
The  discoloration can be retarded by adding a few drops  of
vinegar or lemon juice.  When cooking celeriac, they will be
easier to peel after they have been boiled.                 

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