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     Sometimes,  a  lid on the pressure canner  will  become
"stuck"  if  the  lid is not removed when the  pressure  has
reached zero.   NEVER try to hurry the cooling of any canner
or force it open by pouring cold water over it.   This shock
treatment  could cause the seals to loosen,  the  liquid  to
siphon off,  or the jars to break.  Reheating the canner and
letting it return once again to zero pressure should release
the vacuum.                                                 

     Other methods that are recommended:                    

      Using  a  rubber mallet,   gently tap around the  rim.
Then,  exert equal downward pressure when turning the cover.
Never use a regular hammer.   If the canner lid is  stubborn
due to a sticky   sealing  ring,  it's time to  replace  the
gasket.  Rings are prelubricated  before packaging  and only
need  oiling occasionally.  Oiling the gasket too frequently
can  cause  swelling,  rapid  deterioration,  and  even more

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