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Radicchio  is  a  red-headed  cousin  of Belgian endive.  It
looks  like  the  heart  of the red cabbage and is about the
size  of  a  small  head  of   lettuce.  There  are  several
varieties that are used in Italy,  but the one export to the
United States is called Red Verona chicory.  It has   a very
pretty  purple-red color and the leaves have a nice, smooth,
string-free texture.   Radicchio has almost the  same bitter
flavor  as  Belgian  endive,  but  it  isn't quite as crisp.
Radicchio  is  very  similar in  flavor  and  texture to the
Belgian endive, which  sells  for  half  the  price.   As it
becomes more popular,  increased supplies of  radicchio will
eventually translate  to  lower prices.                     
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