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     Because  fresh potatoes are available year-round,  most
people don't find it practical to freeze potatoes at home.  

     The best potatoes for freezing are those that have been
cooked,   such  as  mashed  potato  patties,  baked  stuffed
potatoes, or french fries.                                  

     Raw potatoes or potatoes in combination dishes such  as
soups  and  stews  do not freeze  well.   Upon  thawing  and
reheating,  they  tend  to disintegrate,  especially if  the
potatoes  are  whole or cut in large  cubes.    If  you  are
preparing a combination dish for freezing, omit the potatoes
and  add  them  instead during  the  thawing/reheating  step
before serving.                                             

To freeze baked stuffed potatoes or mashed potato patties:  

     Prepare  them according to your favorite  recipe,  cool
quickly in the refrigerator,  and  wrap  in  moisture-vapor-
proof   packaging.    Seal,   label,    date   and   freeze.
Recommended maximum  storage time is one  month at 0 degrees

     To serve, unwrap and reheat in oven at 350 degrees     

To freeze homemade french fries:                            

     1.  Pare and cut potatoes lengthwise into strips  about
         1/4 inch thick.                                    
     2.  Rinse quickly in cold water and dry well on paper  
     3.  Oven method:  arrange potato strips in shallow     
         baking pan, brush with melted butter or            
         margarine and bake at 450 degrees Fahrenheit       
         just until they begin to brown, turning            
         Cool quickly in refrigerator.                      
     4.  Oil method:  Blanch potato strips in vegetable     
         oil heated to 370 degrees Fahrenheit until tender  
         but not brown.                                     
         Drain and cool quickly in refrigerator.            
     5.  Place prepared strips in moisture-vapor-proof      
         containers or bags.  Seal, label, date and freeze. 
         Recommended maximum storage time is two months at 0
         degrees Fahrenheit.                                

     To  serve,  return frozen potatoes to baking sheet  and
bake at  450 degrees Fahrenheit  until golden brown, turning
occasionally.  Or  deep-fat  fry  frozen   potatoes  at  390
degrees Fahrenheit until golden and crisp.                  

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