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FREEZING FISH General Information

     Freezing  is  the  easiest and most convenient  way  to
preserve the quality and nutritive value of fish.  All kinds
of fish can be frozen.   Successful freezing  depends on low
storage temperatures and airtight, vapor-proof packaging.   

     Freeze fish quickly.   To quick freeze, set the freezer
dial at -10 degrees Fahrenheit, if your freezer will go that
low.  Store fish at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or  below.   Large,
thick  pieces  take  longer  to freeze,  allowing quality to
deteriorate  during  the  freezing process.  Package fish in
small or flat packages.                                     

     Moisture  loss  from  frozen  fish  causes  dehydration
or  freezer burn.   Off-flavors  and poor quality result. To
prevent  dehydration  and  to  lock-in  fresh  fish  flavor,
package  fish  in  airtight,  vapor-proof packages.  Use the
following:  aluminum  foil,  plastic   freezer  boxes   with
airtight  lids, thick  plastic  freezer   bags  and  freezer

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