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Preserving Food Safely - 01600803


     Water  is the most effective airtight  package.   Three
good  ways  to seal fish in water are  glazing,  ice  blocks
without prior freezing and ice blocks with prior freezing.  

     Glazing- This method  works  especially  well for whole
fish,  but  other  portions  can  also  be  frozen this way.
Freeze fish in a protective plastic bag.   Prepare  a pan of
very cold,  almost frozen water.   Remove frozen  fish  from
plastic bag,  dip in the  very  cold  water  and  return  to
freezer.  Repeat dipping and freezing until the ice glaze is
1/8  to 1/4 inch thick.   Fish can be stored without further
wrapping,  but the ice glaze will gradually  evaporate.   To
improve  keeping quality,  wrap glazed fish in freezer wrap,
date and store.                                             

     Ice  Block 1-  Place a single layer of fish in  shallow
pan, such as a cake pan.  Cover with water and freeze solid.
Remove  block  from pan,  wrap in  freezer  wrap,  date  the
package and return to freezer.                              

     Ice  Block 2-  This method creates the least amount  of
pressure on tender fish flesh.  Place a single layer of fish
in  a shallow container.   Place pan in freezer overnight to
freeze  fish solidly.   The next morning,  cover the  frozen
fish with water and freeze.   Remove frozen  block from pan,
wrap, date and store.                                       

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