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   Before  freezing,  the  venison  should  be hung  up long
enough to have gone through rigor mortise. Hang  the meat at
temperatures  of  33 to 36  degrees  Fahrenheit  for a short
period of time.  Aging makes the meat more tender.  However,
excessive aging tends  to  give  off-flavors  and  increased

     Package  meat  for freezing as soon as cuts  are  made,
using moisture-vapor-resistant wraps.   Trim off excess fat.
Label  packages with the date and the cut of  meat.   Freeze
quickly  at  0  degrees  Fahrenheit  or  lower.   Place  the
unfrozen packages against  a refrigerated surface.   Arrange
them so that they do not touch  any  packages of frozen food
stored  in  the freezer.  Store at  0 degrees  Fahrenheit or

     Recommended storage times for venison held at 0 degrees
Fahrenheit  are:  ground meat- 2 to 3  months;  roasts- 8 to
12 months; steaks- 8 to 12  months;  and  stew  meat- 2 to 3

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