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Preserving Food Safely - 01600897


4 cups drained peach pulp (procedure as below)              
2 cups drained unsweetened crushed pineapple                
1/4 cup bottled lemon juice                                 
2 cups sugar (optional)                                     

     This  recipe  may  be  made  with  any  combination  of
peaches, nectarines, apricots and plums.                    

     This  recipe may also be made without sugar or with  as
little  as  2 cups.  Nonnutritive sweeteners may  be  added;
however,  the  sweetening  power of aspartame  may  be  lost
within 3 to 4 weeks.                                        

     YIELD:  5 to 6 half-pints                              

     PROCEDURE:  Thoroughly wash 4 to 6 pounds of firm, ripe
peaches.   Drain well.  Peel and remove pits.   Grind  fruit
flesh  with a medium or coarse blade, or crush with  a  fork
(do not use a blender).  Place ground or crushed fruit in  a
2-qt.  saucepan.  Heat  slowly to  release  juice,  stirring
constantly, until fruit is tender.  Place cooked fruit in  a
jelly bag or strainer lined with four layers of cheesecloth.
Allow  juice to drip about l5 minutes.  Save the  juice  for
jelly  or other uses.  Measure 4 cups of drained fruit  pulp
for  making spread.  Combine the 4 cups of pulp,  pineapple,
and  lemon juice in a 4-qt. saucepan.  Add up to 2  cups  of
sugar,  if desired, and mix well.  Heat and boil gently  for
l0 to l5 minutes, stirring enough to prevent sticking.  Fill
hot  jars  quickly, leaving l/4-inch headspace. Adjust  lids
and process.                                                

             SPREAD IN A BOILING-WATER CANNER               

               Process Times at Altitudes of                

of     Jar      0-         1001-       3001-      6001-     
Pack   Size     1000 ft.   3000 ft.    6000 ft.   8000 ft.  

Hot  Half-pints l5 min.    20           20         25       

Hot    Pints    20         25           30         35       

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