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     Jellies and jams that contain modified pectin,  gelatin
or  gums may be made with noncaloric sweeteners.  Jams  with
less  sugar  than usual also may be made  with  concentrated
fruit pulp, which contains less liquid and less sugar.      

     Two  types  of modified pectin are available  for  home
use.   One gels with one-third less sugar.  The other  is  a
low-methoxyl  pectin which requires a source of calcium  for
gelling.   To prevent spoilage, jars of these products  must
be processed longer in a boiling-water canner.  Recipes  and
processing times provided with each modified pectin  product
must  be followed carefully.  The proportions of  acids  and
fruits should not be altered, as spoilage may result.       

     Acceptably  gelled refrigerator fruit spreads also  may
be  made with gelatin and sugar substitutes.  Such  products
spoil at room temperature, must be refrigerated  and  should
be eaten within one month.                                  

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