Solar Powered Hand Tools

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Solar Powered Hand Tools

This is a really cool project. First of all you will need to have a 12 volt dc or higher system,Old Style Charger With Cord And Transformer such as a Solar Panel setup with a 12 volt battery. You will also need at least one VersaPak Cordless Tool with charger from Black & Decker. It must be the kind that has a charger cradle with the power pack (transformer) wired separate from the charger. I've noticed that a lot of the new VersaPak Tools come with a new style charger that just plugs into the wall, we want the old style that has a cord. Like in the picture .

Note: It must say VersaPak on the tool, Black & Decker also makes another line of cordless tools, we don't want those!

Chip DiagramNow you need to go to Radio Shack and get an 7808 voltage regulator. They sell an assorted pack, so you will need to shake the package around and make sure there is one in it. Each run has different types, so make sure you see the 7808. If you don't see one, then you will need to get their 1 Amp Adjustable Voltage Regulator and a few components to make it work (the instructions are on the package) . You can order these chips from other suppliers, they cost less than a dollar.

Note: Keep the package the chip came in, specs are on the back!

Now get your VersaPak Charger and splice the wires, then strip some insulation off both wires on the cord. You need to find out which wire is Positive and which wire is Negative, mark both wires with a piece of tape. Cut the transformer off the cord and leave some cord to work with.

The transformer puts out 7.6 volts dc. Our 7808 regulator puts out 8 volts dc, we want it to be a little higher than the battery voltage so that we get a full charge. Now look at the back of the package that the 7808 came in for wiring instructions. Take the cord from the VersaPak charger and solder it to the 7808 with the negative wire to ground. Solder the positive wire to the 7808 output. From the car battery, take a negative wire and solder it to the  ground on the 7808 (you will already have one lead from the VersaPak cord soldered to the same spot).  Take a positive wire from the car battery and solder it to the input lead of the 7808. You can put up to 36 volts dc into the 7808 and it will always put out 8 volts dc. Look at the diagram below, it is easier then it sounds!

You are done!

Below you will find a link with all the Solar Powered Handtools you can use!

Pictorial Diagram

  Designed By: Steve Lucas

Feel free to make copies.