Tandoor Cooker

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Tandoor Cooker



  • OLD OIL DRUM   (size is not important)
  • SAND

Step One: The first stage is to find yourself an old oil drum and cut the top off. Then burn out any oily residue that may be remaining inside. Once you have a clean container, you are ready to put the casters on. I recommend putting wheels on because of the amount of cement involved, it can get heavy.

Step Two: Cut a hole in the side of the drum about 3 inches from the bottom, this is to allow the ashes to be removed, also for the ventilation for the charcoals. The metal that is removed from the side can be then attached with the hinges allowing you to be able to control the flow of air to the charcoal.

Step Three: Once all the preparations are in place, you are ready for the cement. I applied general-purpose cement mixed with broken glass for heat retention. These first layers were applied gradually building up the layers until I had a 3 inch thick liner to the container.

Step Four: The next stage is to apply the fire resistant clay (in my case fire cement). This was again applied to a thickness off 3 inches; this should be applied with a little more care so you end up with a good finish to enable you to stick your dough to. Now depending on the size off the oil drum you started with, you should still have a hole large enough to place charcoal and your skewers loaded with your favorite marinated chicken into. You can place your Karachi or pan over the entrance to the Tandoor and cook your favorite vegetable masala at the same time.

Step Five: And finally give it a lick off paint and wait for the weather to improve and you have the best B-B-Q in town.


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