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Basic Solar Energy System
*2,000 watthours / day - 14,000 Watthours / Week

Basic System
Solar Electric Cabin System
This system is designed for vacation cabin owners.
This will provide enough energy to operate typical loads such as a
TV, lights, computer, microwave, fan.  In addition, the Magnum Inverter has
superior surge capacity allowing it to operate larger loads such as power tools or a water pump for shorter periods.

System Includes:
2 - PV panels  (250 watt, 8.27 amp) 25 year warranty
1 - MNPV3 combiner box with breakers & strain reliefs
1 - Morningstar Tri-Star 45 MPPT Controller
1 - Magnum RD1824 (1,800 watt inverter with built in 50 amp charger)
1 - Solar Array Wire set (MC4 cables)
1 -
Midnite Mini-DC Panel pre-wired
1 - 250 amp Battery Disconnect Breaker
1 - 6' Inverter to Battery Cables
1 - Two panel ground mount

Also needed but NOT included:
Deep Cycle, Lead Acid batteries
Battery interconnects & inverter cables

(We recommend  4 - 460 a/h 6v Batteries)

Optional Equipment:
1 - Digital Display for Magnum Inverter
1 - Air X 400 Watt Wind Generator
1 - MNSPD Midnite Lightning Arrestor

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Note that exact system components may differ depending on availability & price.

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